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digital consultancy.

What we do

An anagraph (æn.e.gra:f) is 'an inventory; a review or critique'.

Anagraph helps organisations to review their inventory of brand equity, marketing channels, intellectual property, content, products, services, technological investments and market analytics. We'll help you to coordinate all of these resources to get the best possible return on these investments to develop your products, your business and your brand.

Here’s how we do it.

Listen carefully and ask good questions.

We'll never take a project brief at face value. We'll read between the lines and ask you about your organization, your challenges, wants and needs – to make sure we can deliver the best return on investment.

Clarify intent and purpose.

Sometimes it's hard to articulate between what your organisation wants, and what it really needs. We'll work alongside you and your team to explore and pressure-test where your resources are being spent, and how you could optimise your plan to yield better results.

Help to connect the dots.

We create a mind-map of your existing brand, products, services, assets, organisational structure, content, audience analytics and data to understand the best possible way to focus your resources.

Plan coherent user experiences.

We meticulously plan user experiences that serve the needs of both you and your customers – setting goals and ensuring the path to get there is as simple as possible.

Make it happen.

We bring together the right mix of data, content, design and web specialists to make the solution not just functional, but beautiful. We'll make sure the timeline is realistic, and we'll be transparent and collaborative with you along the way.

Stay with you for the long-run.

Digital transformations are never a ‘set and forget’ affair. It’s important to work together to continually test and refine based on what's working in the wild, and what isn't. We'll help you to tweak and optimise what we design and build, to ensure that our work delivers reap, measurable results.


We help businesses and organizations of all types to work simultaneously at strategic, creative and practical levels to help them grow.

Information Architecture

If your information isn't meticulously organised, things break. That's why we put information architecture first. We'll help to organise your entire information inventory and clarify your story so that it is coherent and accessible to everyone.

User Experience Design & Research

We forge clear pathways through your content to convey your message clearly and succinctly.

Web Design & Development

We deliver websites, web applications, interactive environments and internal systems that deliver best-in-class user experiences on connected platforms and devices of all shapes and sizes.

Sales Funnels & Lead Generation

We'll help you to optimise your conversion rates by setting user goals, measuring your existing solutions, and forging optimal paths to get them over the finish line.

Analytics & SEO

Web analytics are no longer a 'set and forget' affair. We set up highly granular user metrics on all of our sites in order to carefully analyse inbound traffic, user behaviour and lead conversion rates, to help us make educated, strategic recommendations for improvements using proven, ethical methods.

Service Design

For more complex interactions with your organisation, we can look at designing workflows, user experiences and broader customer experiences that strengthen your relationships with your staff and customers.

Data Integrations

Many organisations split their operations across multiple CRM, ERP and CMS platforms for day-to-day operations. We can help you to aggregate data between your systems to minimise inefficiencies that are costing you time and money.

Product Development

We can help businesses prototype software products for market, getting immediate feedback on what’s working and what isn’t. We can either advise on products already in the market, or help implement your ideas from a blank slate.

Multi-region marketing

We can build sites to cater to specific audiences based on language and geography - including advertising retargeting based on anonymised demographic data.

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